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11 April 2018

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Our programs


1  Presentation of Senegal in all aspects politics social environmental and historical overview. Then local immersion adventures Educational exchange Student educational expeditions focusing on observing science in the natural world

-Transportation to site to meet student for home workshop or optional home stay coming to know the people easy for them to keep you busy.

Study topics: Physical science and Biology

Pollution, global warming  erosion, ecosystem et cetera

2 Everyday Cultural Excursions

Time with women is a good way to try some local cooking or dine in some amazing venues, teach you the recipe for hibiscus (Bissap) ices. Sharing day life and experience a bit of village life over conversation and Cups of Menthe tea (ATAYA).

You will find yourself leaving with a greater appreciation of women in community make new friends and of course well styled hair.

3 Drumming and dance Learn to play the Tam Tam and songs

For centuries drum beats announced messages, prepared, warriors for combats, death, fire accident … or just a good party.

During your visit you can learn all of these tradional rhythms and dance.Appreciate beauty and skill in African traditional dance.The movments of the dnacer and the leaps of the drummer are a spectacle within themselves.Take a class and learn movements and rhythms directly from locals.

4Community service

5 Local Transport Horse cart getting around short study trip one of the finest way to explore the sites. Visitor experience travel on a local level and a pace that let you take in all your surroundings.

6 Pirogue excursion to discover the sine saloum river provide an opportinuty to view many of birds in a single locale:Royal tern,Pied kingfisher  etc cetera .The region is a bird watcher’s place dream hosting many of species and resident avifauna due to the coastal estuary and the forest .Beauty channels of mangrove estuaries.or learn the art of fishing from local fishermen who spent tightly their lives with local waterways.

7Fish Market and artisanal industry watch the colorful pirogues of artisanal fishermen passing with the day’s catch.

8 cultural Taditional

Joining spectacle and rhythm are part of the local culture and their sound signifies there is a good party going on.

The visit will be complete with experiencing the sights and sounds of traditional wrestlings match organized tournaments. The emphasis is solely on strength and technical skill.


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