26 May 2019

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Bus or Car drive to the animal reserve is located at 65 Kilometers from Dakar and 15 From Saly in a savannah of Baobab and Acacia .The tour by 4X4  can take 1H30, in first hand is to see wild African animal with the local  animal guide  your will see and learn more about wild life of giraffes, monkeys, crocodile, zebra, rhinoceros,   and birds.

At the end of the tour you can visit the souvenir shop and take a refreshment at the bar-restaurant near the water point before departure.

Drive back to departure point


Combination Bandia with and lunch at Saly then swimming in the sea or pool and relax will be a full Day

Visit Bandia animal reserve and lunch  then drive in the afternoon to lake Retba call Pink lake ,salt lake 380g/liter of water.  Full Day combination


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