26 May 2019

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Dakar  Highlights  Tour  4Hours

Visit the Senegalese capital World class events destinations located at the extreme west side of the African continent. A quiet image of Dakar on the streets below the city’s rhythm change throughout the day and night. The city tour will offer you the possibility to see different districts with our most experienced guides.

The old city is in the colonial style with a city hall, the railway station, the kermel fruits and vegetables market, the Independence Square, administrative districts, the Soweto place and Parliament building the Dakar African Souvenir Cathedral visit. Driving through Sandaga market to Médina you will discover the great contrast between districts. You will visit the great Mosque and drive through Avenue du Centenaire where we celebrate the National Day and the place of the Nation with obelisk Monument. Stop at the sand painting gallery paying attention to sustainability.

Then drive to the north where you will see the lighthouse and the African Renaissance Statue stop then Mosque of Divinity .Drive through Dakar Public University in a residential district by the West Coast.

Your final stop will be the crafts market of soumbédioune where you will get opportunities for shopping all Senegalese and west African souvenir for you or your friends: traditional masks, statues and  ten line of craftsmen and theirs shops leather goods basket-maker  jeweler dressmaker and dye-work wood and bronze sculpture ceramic art carpentry library binding printing and all sort of painting.

Drive to your departure point end of the tour.


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