18 June 2019

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Ngor Island


Don’t let this opportunity away if you have a spare time in Dakar. Visit Ngor the Island of inspiration.

 Located nearby Almadie opposite the village of Ngor just 3 minute boat ride (400meters).

Here rules peace and quiet over with 25° all year round. The place is perfect for water activities, go for a swim, just relax by the seaside enjoying local jus far from Dakar agitation or eat delicious grilled delights fish seafood meat and chicken. The charm of the island is solar energy system for electricity and there is no vehicle. About birding enthusiastic many rare birds species are seen Very often.

The only background noise are waves from the Atlantic famous by the movie Endless Summer surf sequence directed here by Robert August.

During your walk you will notice artist traces, musicians (Peter Gabriel, France Gall, Akon) photographers, painters like this place very much. Its colorful picturesque ways with its mosaic gives a cultural dimension

Enjoy peacefulness sun and sea .


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