31 August 2019

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Whether you’re about some days complete with total beach day or you’re here for relaxing trip to the spa .Discover here everything you need about our best Spa, as well as Wellness tips positive vibe and everything that will help you “immerge brighter” maximize your day off !

Your Spa destination for balancing, purifying the human body from toxins, healing and recreation. Enjoy Spa Resort in Sénégal the Magical sources of health and beauty



Food is a really important aspect of every expedition .If the team don’t    eat well it can lead to “angry people” our restaurant chef will look after you really well with healthy lifestyle with restaurant and cocktails “Fresh Kitchen” a focal point for  social gatherings through business trip, provide benefits and surprises.

Experience local food or enjoy cooking for highlight of the expedition and find so many amazing caves. Here are things you should eat and drink in Dakar Senegalese flavors and fresh seafood completely shine in Sénégal




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