Welcome to  the friendly holiday paradise in West Africa. We invite you to discover why Sénégal is call in French and Wolof local language the Country of Hospitality “Pays de la Teranga”

Sénégal is one of West Africa most visited Country with more rich discoveries ,relax,meetings,corporate conference, incentive, MICE , a destination with business opportunities.

French, Italian, German and Belgian were the first to visit  and enjoyed, relaxing by sandy beach under coconut trees, swimming in the Atlantic ocean , Enjoy life trying different activities ,watersport, deep sea-fishing playing tennis ,golf ,horse riding, trekking all year-round to stretch yourself etc….

Dakar the Capital is the Africa most western part   a crossway with a hub new airport and Dakar port .The country’s geo-strategic location and a large number of diplomatic mission, Company head office or Corporate is a great advantages World class conferences venues with local touch from designer, artists, and Africa best cuisine particularly Senegalese accompanied by traditional music and dancing .Improving infrastructure and internet capacity.

In Dakar you have a lot to visit: African Art Museum Cathedral, Markets,
galeries , African Renaissance Statue more and more interesting places.

Here the sun is Shinning constantly and the weather is pleasant and stable but some places get chilly in the evenings, pack long sleeved T-shirts .

Take a fresh look and time to visit Senegal and explore deep places you will experience breath-taking discoveries.

Here you will meet exotic Africa, a mosaic of cultures living in harmony, dynamic and alive with energy and excitement. You will feel welcomed by its peoples united in mutual respect for each other despite the differences of ethnic background and a genuine warmth towards guest .Easy to take a deep immersion and mingle with local populations.

Senegal is a safe and stable politically and socially, the Country is all year-round destination. Pick time that suits your particular interests.Visiting Senegal will give you a wealth of discoveries to stimulate your senses and satisfy your needs.