10 July 2017

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Senegal have 23 listed sport by National Sports and Olympic Committee. All year round   is sport practice and recreational c enters and training centers established mainly in tourism areas.

We help every discipline to arrange their events undisturbed and be successful as expected.

Highlights of Events:

Basketball camp a field to create new talent give inspiration to youth. (Gorgui DIENG tournament and basket without boarders)

The Dakar Meetings brings together in late an array of prominent athletes preparing for the international athletics season.

Sports Fishing International Open in Saly brings together many nationalities .Senegal is ideal destination for deep sea fishing from November to May swordfish and spearfish ,Tuna or fishing in Sine Saloum or Casamance Rivers where the brackish water of the mangrove are rich in sediments attract fish species in great numbers red carps barracudas et cetera.

Dakar Gorée swimming crossing 5km departure from Dakar


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