26 May 2019

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Gorée Island , Sénégal

If you are interested in history gorée gives a deep immersion in slave trade Europa West Africa America.

From Dakar ferry terminal the ride will be 25 minutes away then you arrive to the Island of 900meters long and 300 meters wide which long ago was a stake of numerous confrontations between Portuguese, Dutch, English and French.

Gorée was frequently visited from the 15th century onwards by all sorts of adventurers attracted by gold and slave trades.

Captive were brought again their will under unspeakable conditions of abuse to the Island. Men Women and Children were deported from the “Door of No Return” opened on the ocean is a remainder of the last African soil touched by captive before deportation to America from the Captive’s House today Museum and Highlight of the visit.

The Island lost its main source of wealth with the abolition of slavery in 1848. Gorée was listed World Heritage Site since 1978.

Gorée today retains the traces of its past you will discover while strolling through its public squares and picturesque alleys. There are much to see: Saint Charles Boromée Church et cetera with our knowledgeable tour guide.

Experience this attraction and you will learn more about the reality of the transatlantic trade and preserve the history for the coming generation.

Nota Bene: Museum closed on Mondays


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