27 May 2019

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Pink Lake   

Departure for the Pink Lake  by Bus or Car ride

Located in the north of Dakar at a distance of 35kilometers, the lake Rétba has not yet revealed its mystery. The Rétba called Pink Lake is a magical stretch of the water.

Its color, usually Pink can turn to Purple , orange to light blue according the position of the sun rays and the wind, and the salinity of(385g/Liter).This phenomenon is the reflect of some microscopic algae  found in the salt water.  It is the Dead Sea of Senegal, here floats everything and everyone on the water, a great experience. The lake changes color according the weather (sunny and windy).

You will visit the local people collecting salt every day and all year round farming and husbandry

Riding four wheel drive jeep drive in the sandy dunes and bush   and the breathtaking magnificent wild beach the last lap used by the famous Dakar Rally towards the arrival point by the lake

This tour let you see outside Dakar.

Drive to Departure point for the end of the tour.


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